Learn How To CrossFit

This is the first step to becoming a CrossFitter and attending group classes.  These 8 ‘Fundamental’ classes will help you learn, and begin to feel comfortable with CrossFit movements.  The overall goal of these classes is to teach you how to move correctly to avoid injury, be efficient with your body and improve strength.  Each class is 60-70 minutes long.

Fundamental Sessions: 
July 6th – 22nd (Mon/Wed/Thurs) – 530pm – 2 spots available
August 3rd – 19th (Mon/Wed/Thurs) – 530pm – 15 spots available
September 7th – 23rd (Mon/Wed/Thurs) – 530pm – 15 spots available

What you will learn:
F1 – Press/Push Press/Push Jerk/Push-up/Sit-up
F2 – Squat/Front Squat/Overhead Squat/Lunge/Ball Slam
F3 – Deadlift/Sumo Deadlift High Pull/Tire Flip/Ring Row/Rowing

F4 – Medball Clean/Clean/Burpee/GHD(Sit-up/Back Extension/Hip Extension)
F5 – Handstand Push-up/Box Jump/Toes to Bar/Hollow Rock/Rope Climb
F6 – Snatch/Kettlebell Swing/Jump Rope(Single and Double Under)

F7 – Split Jerk/Muscle Up/Wallball Shot
F8 – Pull-up/Thruster/Turkish Getup

Once you complete F8 you are ready to have some fun with other members in Group Classes. 

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  1. I just realized the fundamental classes started today. Would I have to wait until oct 21? Or I wanted to sign up could attend the one on Wednesday at 9am. ?

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